Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shoes Anyone!

DSW has a great sale going on. If you are in need of some shoes, now is the time to buy them. The are having a great sale 30% - 70% off. I just scored a pair of $70 shoes for 39.95 plus free shipping. I needed some new shoes and got a great deal. Here is the link: Be sure to go to the Clearance section.

Nine West also has an End of the Season Sale up to 70% off. Here is the link;
If you budget for shoes and clothes each month you can take what's left and put that in your Emergency fund or toward paying off your debt.

My husband and I were doing our budget last night and were surprised at what we could put toward our debt. If you stop eating out and spending just because, you will find money in all sorts of places. We did!

Until next post Stay Focused!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!

Valentines Day is a special day to show how much you love someone. What are you doing to celebrate this special holiday? Here are some ideas to celebrate Valentines day on a dime:

Have a Movie Night where you watch a movie at home, here is a free code to your local Blockbuster Express:
Codes are limit 1 per credit card. Movies are due by 9 pm the following day.
MBBEXP - Get a free rental (exp 2/14)

MRC37H – Get a free rental (exp 2/25)

Here is a free code to Redbox that is good for today only!
BEMINE - (Exp midnight 2/14)

Here are a few places to get some free food for Valentines day,
Auntie Anne’s - Buy one Signature pretzel, get one free
Denny’s – Free pancake puppies sundae with any entree purchase
IHOP - Buy 1 entree, get one free
Qdoba – Buy 1 entree, get one free when you pucker up at the register today. No coupon needed.
Subway – Get a FREE Raspberry Cheesecake Cooke with purchase and coupon.

You can also have a candle lite dinner at home, once the kids go to bed of course!

Here are other ideas to celebrate your special day:

Write a poem
Place Post It Notes around the house with something special written on them for you special someone
Make your own Valentine
Make Valentine certificates
Create a CD of your special someones favorite type of music
Write a love letter
Have a picnic... Its a beautiful day outside!
Take a walk, jog or hike together
If you have a fireplace, use it........Date nights at home are great.

Happy Saving on Valentines Day!!!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Progress

Step 2 of Dave Ramsey's book is Paying off your debt "Debt Snowball." We will be on this step for quite a while. No worries because I am going to be debt free in two years!

My husband and I have really buckled down and were able to pay off a nice chunk of debt within the last week. It doesn't stop there. I can see it and taste it. The freedom of being debt free. Owe no one but to love them.

Paying off debt from the smallest amount to the largest is a brilliant idea. It makes you feel as though you really getting somewhere. You don't get discourage, you just keep moving.

I thank God that he showed me this book "Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey. I always wanted to be debt free but didn't know what steps to take. It feels great to have an emergency fund and it feels awesome paying off our bills. I am excited for what is in store for us next.

Stay Tuned.... Until Next Post!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Emergency Fund COMPLETE!

Praise God. It was a trying time but we have successfully completed step 1 of Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover" Save $1000 in your emergency fund. Now on to Step 2! Excitement is rushing through my brain as we are one step closer to becoming debt free!