Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shoes Anyone!

DSW has a great sale going on. If you are in need of some shoes, now is the time to buy them. The are having a great sale 30% - 70% off. I just scored a pair of $70 shoes for 39.95 plus free shipping. I needed some new shoes and got a great deal. Here is the link: Be sure to go to the Clearance section.

Nine West also has an End of the Season Sale up to 70% off. Here is the link;
If you budget for shoes and clothes each month you can take what's left and put that in your Emergency fund or toward paying off your debt.

My husband and I were doing our budget last night and were surprised at what we could put toward our debt. If you stop eating out and spending just because, you will find money in all sorts of places. We did!

Until next post Stay Focused!

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